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Why Choose National

It is the mission of National Rent To Own to: Help our growing family of satisfied customers rent or lease as many items as they wish for as long as they wish, by providing outstanding services and quality products at reasonable prices with respect, empathy and professionalism.

About "National Rent To Own"

National Rent To Own is one of the largest and fastest growing regional rental and leasing companies in the country. Our success is due to providing our great customers with outstanding service, selection and quality products. Our first store opened in Overland, Missouri in April of 1984. Today we have thirty six stores in Missouri and Illinois. Dan Cole is the founder and president of National Rent To Own. We are large enough to give a great selection but small enough so we can still provide the “small company” personal service our customers deserve. We will never lose sight of the reason for our success: You the Customer!

We look forward to continuing the tradition of quality service while helping you with all of your rental or leasing needs.

Please feel free to contact the Home Office at 1-866-831-4222


“Rent to Own” or “Lease Purchase” is a unique transaction where customers rent or lease household products with the option to purchase without being obligated beyond the first payment. The lack of obligation means there is no loan and no interest is charged. No debt means the item may be returned at any time. All rates and prices quoted on this website are in United States currency.

Because there are no credit requirements most people can qualify, and delivery is normally the same day.

The consumer has the option to purchase the product at anytime and if the product is rented for a specified term (usually 12 to 24 months) the ownership is automatically transferred to the consumer.