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Helping people create the home of their dreams is what we are all about.  To fulfill this vision, we carry durable, stylish, efficient rent to own appliances to make your life easier. Should you prefer a side by side refrigerator for the kitchen, a freezer chest for the basement or garage, front loading washer & dryers for the laundry room, or a window air conditioner for the kid’s room – National Rent To Own has something geared towards your liking.  And since we believe essential appliances should be within the grasp of all our potential customers, we also offer affordable monthly rent-to-own plans designed to fit your monthly budget. National Rent to Own is here to help you create a fantastic interior design for your home!

Appliance Types National Offer Has To Offer?

We rent nearly every type of appliance that most people need. Our inventory of includes:

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Let Us Help With Furnishing Your Kitchen

Were you thinking of traditional white or a bit more modern with a black or stainless steel finish?  Equipping your kitchen with our refrigerators and stoves in a manner that encourages you to prepare food is a great way to save money from going out to eat continuously. And it doesn’t hurt to have an efficient dishwasher to aid in the clean-up.  National offers rentals that are perfect for you and make finding it an easy task.

Laundry Is A Dirty Job, But Someone Has To Do It

Does anyone look forward to washing clothes, especially if you have to make a trip to the local laundromat on a weekly basis? Why not try one of our high efficiency washer and dryers to make that chore a bit more bearable?  National has numerous laundry appliances that are pleasing to the eye and easy on the bank account. Also, you have a choice between top loading and side loading machines.

Are You Experiencing Freezer Overload? National Rent to Own Freezers is the Solution!

Do you have a solution for when you have more frozen food than your kitchen freezer will hold?  Got a great deal on a side of beef?  Taking advantage of a sale at the grocery store?  Out of town for a week and the kids need to survive off frozen dinners?  What if you were successful during deer season and you have to store your processed prize?  Stocking up for an upcoming party?  There are numerous reasons as to why renting an extra freezer makes sense.  Select a freezer chest for the basement for emergency storage.  Or maybe an upright freezer in the garage would make life so much easier for your addition cache of frozen delights!

Stay Cool With Rent to Own Window Air Conditioners

Want to spend more time in your she shed, man cave, or garage loft in the summer but the heat is just making it unbearable?  Maybe the kid’s room upstairs is a bit warm in August and the kids are tossing and turning all night.  Leasing a window unit air conditioner is just the solution!

Appliance Brands Carried at National

Design elements and functionality are of high quality in the brands we carry such as:  Frigidaire, Amana, GE, Whirlpool, Samsung, and Haier – to name a few. When it comes to the appliance industry, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, and Haier are associated with quality.  They have been setting the standard for superior quality and affordability for many of the past decades. National makes it possible to lease appliances from the brands you know with our affordable rental ownership plans.

Why Rent Our Appliances?

National offers a budget-friendly way to complete the home you’ve always wanted, by giving the customer an affordable lease payment plan, that doesn’t judge you on your credit history, while still including free delivery and set-up. What a deal and what great news for those of you who aren’t in the shape that you used to be.  Why not give us a call to learn more about all the rent to own benefits that National has to offer.

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